Contactless connectivity for a connected world

RoProxCon® - zero-wear & low maintenance connector system

Tailored solution for robotics and industrial automation

Every day, a robotic arm and a different tool connect hundreds of times, impacting the lifespan of the connector. The contactless solution provides enhanced functionality, particularly in scenarios where a wired connection poses challenges or is unattainable.

As specialists in developing and manufacturing connectivity solutions, we apply our extensive experience to meticulously craft these connectors down to the finest detail.


Small, robust and easy-to-use connector for the contactless transmission of power and data over an air gap

RoProxCon® – An innovative connectivity system

The connectivity system, based on radio transmission in the mm wave range, bridges design-related air gaps with high interference resistance, low maintenance and zero wear.


Bidirectional contactless transmission via an air gap

Allows an angle deviation and a radial offset

Datatransfer to previously inaccessible machine parts

Unlimited mating cycles


Vibration resistent

Rotational freedom

Useable in harsh environments


Transmission through a wide variety of materials

Low latency

Ideal for repetitive movements

RoProxCon® – for a perfect invisible connection!


RoProxCon®: Enhance functionality with contactless solutions for critical or challenging wired connections. Perfect for repetitive movements.

Typical Applications

  • Pick and place robots
  • Small robots for machine tools
  • Robots for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Lightweight robots for human-machine cooperation
  • Industrial robots for automobile production, welding robots
  • Medical robots for surgical technology
  • Inspection robots for pipelines and pipes
Benefits of RoProxCon® for Robots
  • Flexible adaptation to different machine types
  • Compact dimensions
  • Long service life, unlimited mating cycles
  • Easy installation


System-on-Module (SoM)

Find new and enhanced ways to meet customer challenges

System-on-Module (SoM)

The various configurations and their adaptability permit maximum design-in flexibility and easy installation


Wireless Power


In addition to high data rates RoProxCon® can power sensors and actuators even in hard-to-reach locations. It ensures seamless functionality and can be easily removed for convenient cleaning.


Available with common industrial connector interfaces


The RoProxCon® Data is designed to implement contactless data transmission even within an existing wired transmission channel.

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Contactless connectivity

Experience a wear-free, low-maintenance connector system that bridges design-related air gaps.

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Simon Huber

“RoProxCon® empowers developers to transfer data and power seamlessly, with high resistance to interference and zero wear. This presents a multitude of advantages over traditional connector solutions, which often encounter mechanical and electrical limitations in various applications.”

As a product manager, Simon Huber is responsible for contactless connector products at Rosenberger. Simon brings over 14 years of experience in the connectivity solutions industry, supporting designers to find and adapt the best solutions.

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